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Watson Dresser Mirror Grey Oak

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Perfect for a mid-century modern motif, the light wood from this grey square mirror sets it apart from the rest. Constructed of oak, the frame showcases a light, exposed wood grain that oozes sophistication. The clean lines and sleek silhouette offer a modern feel, adding visual intrigue with neutral hues. Add dimension to a space with the subtle black details that peak out along the backside. Reflect and enlarge from above a dresser or on a wall.

* Grey square mirror ideal for mid-century modern decor
* Constructed of oak, featuring a light, exposed wood grain for a sophisticated look
* Clean lines and sleek silhouette provide a modern aesthetic
* Subtle black details along the backside add visual intrigue
* Versatile placement options, can be used above a dresser or hung on a wall
* Finish: Grey oak/black


Height 35
Width 0.75
Length 39